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Next Generation Leadership is about the future of leadership. First, there is the next generation of leaders, the Millennials. Some people call them Generation Y but I refer to them as Millennials because I think that is what they prefer. This generational group refers to individuals entering the workforce recently or those soon entering the workforce who were born between 1980 and 2000. In this age group there are some phenomenal leaders, many have already shown us what great leaders they are and many others are on their way to becoming great leaders. I plan to talk about what I have learned and what I will continue to learn about Millennial leaders through my research and my experience with them. If you are wondering how I know anything about Millennials, look at the About page which tells you more about me.

The second part of Next Generation Leadership is the blending (or clashing, as some would say) of the multiple generations of leaders in the workforce today, especially as the Millennial leaders make their presence known. There are a few Traditional leaders still in the workforce who are accustomed to a hierarchical, command and control style of respect for leaders. Many Baby Boomers have important leadership positions in organizations today with their consensus, collegial style of leadership. Competency focused Generation X leaders have moved into positions of leadership in many companies while others from this generation are waiting for Baby Boomers to retire and do not want to be passed over for a Millennial to be promoted ahead of them. Then there are the passionate, optimistic Millennials entering the workforce with goals already mapped out. Many of these Millennials are anxious to get started.

Through the blog page, I will look at topics relating to Millennials as leaders, Millennial leaders in today’s organizations, and the multigenerational workforce. Input from all generations is welcome, especially as I am now exploring the impact of Generation Z.