Welcome to my blog. I’m a Baby Boomer so you may wonder why would I want to write this blog or feel qualified. Read about my interest in Millennials and why I think they have great leadership traits for the future of organizations.

One note for now is that my blog has suffered some setbacks due to updates in WordPress and my lack of awareness that some links were no longer working. I’m trying to fix those so please be patient and I hope you can enjoy the content without some of the extras that make it more attractive while I work on that.

I have many years of leadership experience in a corporate environment with responsibility for multi-generational teams. During those years I saw first-hand the differences in the leadership styles of leaders from different generational groups. I wrote my doctoral dissertation on Next Generation Leadership focusing on Millennials as leaders and through my research I explored how Millennial leaders describe leaders, leading, and what leadership means. I look forward to exploring more ideas through this blog and hope to get some feedback.

I first recognized my interest in the relationship between leadership and generational groups as my own role as a Baby Boomer leader expanded.  As I developed my leadership skills, I became interested in helping others develop their leadership abilities.  Working with employees in my own organization and through a mentoring program in the business community, I could see how different individuals’ approaches to leadership varied based on their life experiences and generational group.

I also watched my Millennial daughter develop as a leader, and saw the same leadership strengths in many of her friends. I began to realize that Millennial leaders had expectations and behaviors that were different from the generational groups currently in the workforce, including my own.

I often hear criticism of the younger generations for not appreciating what they have, not being willing to work hard, not understanding what the older generations have done for them, and other similar negative sentiments.  I am quick to defend the younger, Millennial, group for the positive virtues they bring to the workplace and point out a few facts in their favor.  Although I appreciate my life as a Baby Boomer, I find the Millennials a very positive generation with a promising future. I look forward to seeing how they perform as the next generation of leaders.