Oct 042013

Millennial leaders are passionate about their work and their commitment to social consciousness. They often describe leaders as individuals who care about others and give back to their community. Leadership is about others and the greater good, not personal interests, in the view of Millennial leaders. The terms selfless and servant leader are often mentioned when Millennials talk about leadership.

Millennial leaders admire leaders who have social interests and respect for others more so than those who are successful for what they have accomplished. Different aspects of social consciousness that are important to this generation of leaders are

  • volunteerism on a local level,
  • global efforts for fund raising and volunteerism,
  • mentoring youth,
  • servant leadership, and
  • developing young leaders.

Millennial leaders want to take social responsibility and to work for companies where they feel there is a social consciousness. As leaders, they are aware of ensuring their personal time and their organization’s resources give a fair share to volunteer efforts and serving their community, locally or globally.

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